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Louise Gruzinsky is one of the main characters in the Disney+ Original Series Big Shot. She is the daughter of Lillian and Larry Gruzinsky. She is Lucas Gruzinsky’s sister. She is currently a student at Westbrook School for Girls. She is Captain of the Basketball Team and the Best Player on the Team. She is a Shooting Guard for the Westbrook School Basketball Team. She is portrayed by Nell Verlaque.


Early life[]


Season 1[]


Louise first meets her new Basketball Coach Marvyn Korn on his first day at Westbrook School for Girls as the new Head Basketball Coach. During Basketball Practice Coach Korn notices that Louise is chewing gum. Coach Korn finds out that Louise is the daughter of the school’s wealthy donor whose last name is also above the scoreboard in the gym. When he asks if she’s chewing gum and she says yes, he says “I’m sorry,” to which she responds “Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault.” He pulls her aside, giving the girls a balance exercise while he asks Louise if they’re going to have a problem. While telling him no, Louise goes on to compliment his looks, which makes Marvyn mad. He turns to the Westbrook School Basketball Team, asks them to raise their right hand and wave goodbye to Louise, suspending her from the team.

The next day during early morning practice Louise's father Larry Gruzinsky walks in and introduced himself to Coach Korn and thanking him for suspending his daughter, thereby teaching her a lesson, while also asking for him to let her play in the Laguna Niguel game. He says that team has a player who’s always watched by college scouts and if they see Louise do well in the game, she would get on their radar. Coach Korn holds his ground, refusing to budge on his decision. Larry tells him that throwing chairs isn’t really about reversing a referee's call because they rarely do that, it’s about influencing the next one. “If you fail here, then what?,” Larry asks as he takes his leave.

Later that day Louise is driving in the school's Parking Lot and almost hits Marvyn Korn as he's walking out of Westbrook School for Girls. . When he gets mad and tells her she almost hit him, she is on the verge of tears and says “Woulda, shoulda, coulda.” He asks her to pull over and turn the car off, getting into the passenger seat and asking why she’s crying. She tells him she needs to play in the game and that basketball is all she cares about. “I’m not better than you that way,” she says before apologizing. She tells him that her dad expects her to get recruited by a college for basketball and her chances will be over if the scout hears that she was suspended for her attitude. “It’s about making my father proud,” she says. Coach Korn softens a little bit, telling her she can dress and sit on the bench at the game, but not play. “Scouts will think you had a pulled hamstring or something,” he tells her. Getting out of the car, Sherilyn Thomas stands on the curb watching and asks what he was doing in a student’s car. He asks if there’s a policy against it. “There’s such a thing as optics,” she cautions.

On Game day the Sirens drastically improve their game, bringing the score up 50 to 56. Coach Korn calls his last time out, bringing the girls together and asking if anyone can hit a 3. The girls all agree that Louise is the only one who can. Holly pulls Marvyn aside and tells him to set an example and let her play. He turns around and calls Louise in, telling her there’s no timeouts left. In the crowd, Louise's father Larry Gruzinsky is sitting with Sherilyn Thomas, both of them looking excited. Louise quickly makes a shot, adding 3 points to the score. After the other team takes the ball down the court, Louise gets it back and throws it just as the time runs out. It hits the backboard, touches the rim, and rolls over the side, not going in. The final score is 53 to 56, the Sirens lost. Louise is crushed as she looks into the stands and sees her dad looking mad.

The Marvyn Korn Effect[]




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This is Our House[]


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According to Holly Barrett she is very arrogant and cocky. Louise is shown to be very athletic she loves to play Basketball and she is the best player on the team. She is very ambitious[1] with wanted to win and wants to make her father proud.



Larry Gruzinsky (father)

Lillian Gruzinsky (mother)

Lucas Gruzinsky (brother)


Olive Cooper (friend/teammate)

Samantha Finkman (friend/teammate)

Carolyn Smith (friend/teammate)

Destiny Winters (friend/teammate)

Dylan (admirer/best friend)

Bodhi (friend)

Emma Korn (friend)

Holly Barrett (coach/friend/teacher)

In This is Our House it was revealed that Holly is not only her Assistant Basketball Coach but also her Human Biology Teacher. Louise had a hard time studying for her Human Biology test and didn't get any sleep due to hearing her parents fighting the night before the test. Louise's friend and teammate Olive Cooper who happens to be in her Human Biology decides to help Louise do well on the test by texting her a picture of her test. Louise cheats off the test by looking at the picture Olive Cooper sent her of the answers. Kelsey watches Louise cheat off the test then when Kelsey turns in her test to Ms. Barrett after class is over she tells Ms. Barrett that she saw Louise and Olive Cooper cheating on the test. Ms. Barrett doesn't believe Kelsey that Louise and Olive Cooper would do that so, Kelsey suggests to Ms. Barrett that she should look at both Louise and Olive Cooper to see if they have the same answers.

Marvyn Korn (coach/friend)

Louise first meets Marvyn on his first day at Westbrook School for Girls as the new Head Coach. Louise and Marvyn didn't get along at first because Louise disrespected him during Basketball Practice when they first met. Louise admits that she thinks Marvyn is good looking which makes Marvyn very mad when she said that so, he suspends her from the team for disrespecting him. In Kalm Korn, Louise tells Marvyn when she sees him in the hallway on her way to class that he is more like a dad to her than her own father is to her.


Season 1[]


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