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Emma Korn is one of the main characters in the Disney+ Original Series Big Shot. She is the daughter of Caren and Marvyn Korn. In TCKS, she moved out to California to go live with her father Marvyn Korn. She started attending Westbrook School for Girls in TCKS. She is portrayed by Sophia Mitri Schloss.


Early life[]

Emma Korn was born sometime between 2004-2005 to Caren and Marvyn Korn. She is the only child and daughter of Marvyn Korn a former College Men’s Basketball Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is currently the new Head Basketball Coach at Westbrook School for Girls.

Season 1[]



The Marvyn Korn Effect[]

Emma is scrolling through Instagram on her computer and watches a video someone made about her throwing a chair at a referee. Ever since her father got fired from being a College Men’s Basketball Coach months ago people won’t stop making jokes about her on Social Media. One of Emma’s friends Claire sends her text message saying that Emma should delete her Instagram because people won’t stop making fun of her being the daughter of the Coach that got fired from throwing a chair at a referee. Emma’s mom Caren tells Emma that she was giving a job opportunity in Italy. Emma is very happy about her mother’s job offer and suggests that she should take the job offer in Italy while she can go live with her father in San Diego, California. Emma calls up her father and tells him that she wants to move to San Diego to live with him while her mother can take the job offer in Italy. Emma’s father Marvyn Korn suggests that her moving in with him would be a bad idea because of all the drama going on at his new job. Then a week later after some consideration Marvyn calls up Emma and tell her that she should moved out to California and live with him.



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This is Our House[]


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Everything to Me[]


Beth MacBeth[]


Marvyn's Playbook[]



Emma is an intelligent, witty and sarcastic individual, usually dishing out fast comebacks to insults.



Marvyn Korn (father)

Emma is shown that she really cares about her father and really tries to help him become a better person. When her father first moves to California she calls him up on his first day as the new Basketball Coach at Westbrook School for Girls to check up on him. Even when her father moves to California they still keep in touch by talking on phone and FaceTiming often. In The Marvyn Korn Effect, when her father and Holly Barrett are having dinner together she asks Marvyn what brings him joy that is still alive and he replied "Emma my daughter."

Caren Korn (mother)

Emma used to lived with her mother Caren before her mother got a job offer in Italy. Emma tells her mother that she should take the job and move to Italy while she can go move in with her father out in California.

Larry Korn (paternal grandfather)

Emma didn't know her grandfather that well because her father didn't have a good relationship with his father growing up and Marvyn stopped talking to his father which is Emma's grandfather years ago. In TCKS her father gets a phone call on Emma's first day at Westbrook School for Girls right after Basketball practice that Emma's grandfather passed away for unknown reason. Later that night when Emma comes home from hanging out with some of the girls on the Basketball Team, Marvyn tells Emma that her grandfather passed away. Emma asks her father when the funeral is and he replied that it is "the day after tomorrow." Then Emma suggests that they need to rent a car and book a flight so they can go to the funeral. Marvyn tells Emma that they are not going to her grandfather that she barely knew funeral. Emma tells her father Marvyn that she is going to her grandfather's funeral because she thinks that she should be there and her father Marvyn should be there too for his father's funeral. They both end up going to the funeral together.


Olive Cooper (friend)

Samantha Finkman (friend)

Louise Gruzinsky (friend)

Carolyn Smith (friend)

Destiny Winters (friend)

Lucas Gruzinsky (boyfriend/friend)

Love Interest(s)[]

Lucas Gruzinsky (boyfriend/friend)


Season 1[]


Emma Korn/Gallery


Everything to Me[]

“I love you more than basketball ever will.“

Beth MacBeth[]

”So ends the bloody tyrant. So end all who would make this foul choice! Forsaking family and friendship for power and position!”


  • She is an only child.
  • Emma is the only thing that brings her father Marvyn Korn joy that is still alive.[1]
  • She was most likely born sometime between 2004-2005.
  • Her father Marvyn Korn has a photo of her in a picture frame that he keeps on his desk in his office at Westbrook School for Girls.[1]
  • When her grandfather Larry Korn passed away in TCKS it was revealed that she didn't know him that well.
  • She has never been to funeral before TCKS.
  • The first funeral she has ever been to was for her paternal grandfather Larry Korn when he passes away in TCKS.
  • It was revealed in TCKS that she has never met her paternal grandmother Mary Korn because she passed away before Emma was born in 1976.
  • As of TCKS, both her paternal grandparents are deceased.
  • She used to live in Wisconsin before she moved to California.[2]
  • She went to a Public High School in Wisconsin before she started going to Westbrook School for Girls.[2]
  • She played Dulcinea in Man of La Mancha last semester at her old school in Wisconsin where she won a Kevin Award.[2]
  • Her parents Caren Korn and Marvyn Korn got divorced 4 years before the events of Season 1 which means Emma was 11 or 12 years old when her parents got divorce in 2016 or 2017.[3]
  • For her birthday her father got her a Frozen comforter.[4]
  • She is in the Drama Club with Lucas Gruzinsky and Harper Schapira.
  • She owns a Guitar and knows how to play it.
  • In the musical Beth MacBeth she played her boyfriend Lucas Gruzinsky’s character’s wife Lady McDuff.